I was scammed of my crypto. Can I recover my funds?

The rise of cryptocurrency scams has left many victims feeling angry, embarrassed, and uncertain about their options for fund recovery.

The harsh reality is that recovering funds lost to cryptocurrency scams is highly unlikely.

Here are some recommendations for those who have fallen victim to such scams, providing guidance on potential recovery efforts and protection against further harm.

  1. 💸
    Avoid Worsening the Situation
    Be wary of recovery scams where fraudsters pose as officials or recovery services, requesting upfront fees to release supposedly recovered funds. Never pay anything upfront for fund recovery services.
  2. ✍️
    Document the Incident
    Record all details of the scam while they're fresh in your mind, including:
    Your contact information, the scammer's contact details, detailed description of the scam, amount lost and transaction details and copies of all relevant communications.
  3. 🚨
    Report the Scam
    File reports with relevant government agencies. Examples in the US are:
    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - Report a scam
    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - Investment fraud
    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) - Crime report