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We use your wallet backup or seed words to restore access to your crypto by finding the right password or mistake made in noting down the words.

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Have you forgotten your Wallet Password?

If you have forgotten or lost the password, passphrase or seed words to your crypto-currency wallet, then that money would normally be lost for ever.

However, if you recall some part of your password, or you think the password was not too complex, then we can help you.

Decryption Service

To find passwords, we have created a highly-optimized multi-threaded C++ program to perform the brute-force decryption. This service is designed right from the start to be a scalable solution - it runs on a cluster of high performance Linux boxes, hosted locally and on the Amazon EC2 cloud. This enables us to scale up to very large numbers of computing cores at will.

Some of the wallet encryption formats are suitable for solving on GPU (video card) hardware. In these instances, we have hand-crafted highly optimized GPU software to provide huge speed advantages.

The algorithms used to generate the password permutations are proprietary. They are extremely thorough, while also being flexible in order to handle unusual requirements.


Should you trust us with your wallet? Why won’t we just steal your money? Good questions. If you send us your wallet, and we decrypt the password, then it would be possible for us to steal the money that the wallet holds (we won’t, but you can’t be sure of that).

Our answer is that we run a sustainable business, which has been in operation continuously from 2013 through now (2022). We have helped customers numbering in the thousands, and pride ourselves on our honesty. Please see our testimonials page.

With some wallets (Bitcoin Core & forks), the search for the password can be conducted in a manner which means you do not have to trust us with the full wallet. See the FAQ page for details.